Brain Fog

By D' Forman for Take Flight Summit

Cue the long, low drone of a foghorn!

For me, murky brain fog rolled in usually about an hour before the end of the workday. After years of running my own business how was it now that I just couldn’t quite figure out what I needed to do next to wrap up the day? Or, I was so tired I didn’t know how I’d navigate home. Thank goodness your car knows the way sometimes! Naps became an almost daily routine – of course, NOT at work although I might have considered it.

My brain fog wasn’t the only one of the “old lady” symptoms that I complained to my gyno about at my yearly exam, but it was the one that I was the most concerned about. It could begin to affect my work and earnings! Luckily, my gyno was revamping her practice to concentrate on post-menopausal women! Other just-as-annoying symptoms I experienced included weight gain, diminished sex drive and if I did manage to be interested in sex, it was painful.

Does any of this sound familiar? There is something you might be able to do about it.

Okay, I’m clearly not a doctor, so make sure to talk to yours. Mine gave me some tests that said I had NO hormones left in my body. Well, maybe it wasn’t quite NO hormones, but I was seriously depleted. Hormones, as I learned, help with so many of our body functions, that with little to no hormones we will start to age quickly and be more susceptible to cardiovascular disease as well as other diseases.

So I started on bio-identical replacement hormones (estrogen, progesterone and testosterone). These aren’t the same ones you were warned off of a few years back. These are bio-identical – a big, important difference.

When I went to the doctor’s to get the “pellet”, a replacement for testosterone, a woman overheard me check-in. As I sat down, she leaned over and with a devilish gleam in her eye she, not-so-quietly, whispered, “You and your husband are going to LOVE this!” And the woman next to her chimed in, “It will blow his mind!” WHAT had I stumbled on to?

The hormones were like a rebirth to me. Very quickly I began feeling better. Here’s where I have to say, “Your results may vary.” I lost weight. Brain fog burned away. My interest in sex returned and the pain exited!

These pellets and procedure are not covered by insurance, which is stupid considering all of the preventative benefits. The way that I decide if it was worth it for me to go to the non-covered expense is would I do it again. 100% yes and don’t tell my doctor, but I’d probably pay more knowing how great it makes me feel.

Take Flight Summit has a great workshop on this topic of Dealing with Menopause Madness with Dr. Margaret Christensen and Dr. Njideka Olantunde. Check it out and REGISTER NOW while tickets last. 

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