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Now more than ever...Your FUTURE depends on your decision to invest in yourself today. Get the support you need to “Map Out and Implement Your Clarity Plan” for your business. 

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“Trying to establish, run, or grow a business without a plan is like getting in the car to drive to Clovis, New Mexico without a mapped out plan …. you will get lost!”

-Lisa M. Randolph, Your Kaizen Coach


Business Coaching

If you already have a business, and feel lost, are you ready to roll-up your sleeves and get busy creating your “Holistic Roadmap” to success? Maybe you are at a crossroads with your current job, you actually hate it, and feel like you are ready to “Run Your Own Show” but don’t quite know where to start.

 Both of these positions, are great places to be. You see, being at a crossroads usually forces people to take a different path, in order to get different results. You have finally reached the fork of “I’m tired, of being sick and tired!”

The reason we create a “Holistic Roadmap” is because business is not just about “BUSINESS”, it encompasses every aspect of your life. If your personal life and health are out of balance you will not be able to do what you need in order to accomplish what you want. It is a must that every part of your life starts to align for your ultimate success.

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"“Thanks Lisa! Your insight, knowledge and experience have been invaluable to me and has helped bring my business to another level. You’re amazing! Thanks again Lisa!” "

LMT, Owner Restore Your Function Medical Massage

" "Finding My Voice and Overcoming the Fear of Starting" Lisa is one of the greatest people that I'm proud to know as a friend and as a professional. When I heard that Lisa was coaching, I got really excited and asked her right away to be my life and business coach. As I envisioned, she was very dedicated to make my dreams come true and to help me find my voice and lose my fears of starting my own business. She enthusiastically helped me create a road map to success. She coached me to develop a 30-60-90 plan to achieve my goals which I'm even applying to my everyday life. Also, she provided tools to make it happen. Thank you Lisa for helping me get over my fears and find my true voice!" "

Founder & CEO of The Education Chic

" “Lisa is a great mentor and life coach. Her business acumen will lead you and your organization to awesome results. Her intuition and enthusiasm about the growth of others is contagious. Her professional and caring approach is both soft and innovative. Lisa is an awesome business professional and powerful leader! I hear her voice each day asking me: “so, what have you done today to reach your goals?” If you’re ready for excellence, then Lisa is your person.” "

Pastor at Church of the Solid Rock

"“Through my sessions with Lisa we created a plan for transitioning out of my corporate job to self employment as a LMT and LPC, years after working with Lisa I remain self employed as a massage therapist and have be come a licensed professional counselor. I found the goal setting services provided to be very beneficial as I initiated change in my vocation. Choosing to make a career change affects many aspect of one’s life and can be quite scary. However, when a good strategy is developed and solid goals are set change becomes exciting vs. intimidating. I would highly recommend Lisa’s services for anyone who chooses to embrace a change in their life and become the person you choose to be.” "


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"We all have our Unique Drum Beat in life ….. let’s work together to create yours." 

-- Lisa M. Randolph
Your Kaizen Coach

Map It Out: Living the 7-Step "Kaizen You" Formula is a step-by-step guide specifically written for massage therapists and body workers. With more than 20 years experience, Lisa leads you through the steps so that you too can create a unique, thriving massage practice.

In Be the Answer Now, Lisa shares her journey from feeling unfulfilled in a career she had always dreamed of to pursuing a passion inspired by her grandmother. Her story shows that it's never too late to change your life’s path, and every experience leads you to where you need to be.

Get Your Copy!
Get Your Copy!

Get the 7-Step KAIZEN 'YOU' Formula

Being an entrepreneur is challenging but with the 7-Step KAIZEN 'YOU" Formula you'll have a compass and guide to keep you on track and making sustainable progress in building your business while taking care of yourself.

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