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My name is Lisa Randolph, the CEO and Founder of Your Kaizen Coach. I am an entrepreneur who successfully left the corporate world over 25 years ago to create my own business in the Massage and Business Coaching Industries. I have loved every minute of it…..even the scary parts which come along with the territory of running your own company.

I COLLABORATE with Coachable and, Committed Individuals ready to CREATE a plan “Holistic Roadmap” to positively IMPACT their own lives, the lives of their family, community, clients, and the world! 

The reason we create a “Holistic Roadmap” is because business in not just about “BUSINESS”, it encompasses every aspect of your life. If your personal life and health are out of balance you will not be able to do what you need in order to accomplish what you want. It is a must that every part of your life starts to align for your ultimate success.


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My Mission 

To provide my clients with the proper planning tools, strategies and support enabling them to accomplish whatever personal, business or organizational goals they have set out to accomplish

"Wheel of Life"

My “Why” is my clients (which I’m hoping will be you). I love seeing the people and companies I work with reach their goals, and discover their “Why”. When you work from a place of  “Why” and not “Have Too” you will get up every day and give it your all to accomplish the vision you have for your life.

It doesn’t hurt to have someone who will “have your back” working with you as well….that would be me! You see I am committed to sharing techniques, strategies and tools which have assisted me over the last 20 plus years in business to facilitate my clients’ success.

My Perfect Clients

  • Small Businesses (established or start-ups)
  • Corporations (250 employees or less)
  • Entrepreneurs (aspiring and established)
  • Non-Profit Organizations and Boards
  • Massage Therapists
  • Other Wellness Professionals (physical therapists, chiropractors, personal trainers)
  • Girl Empowerment Outreach Organizations
Client Praise & Love

My Story and History:

I am CEO of Kaizen Endeavors, Inc., which comprises subsidiaries created to fulfill the mission of enhancing the lives of people and the planet through business. This is my Parent Company, and “Your Kaizen Coach” is a part of the Kaizen Endeavors, Inc. Family.

I am a native of Tulsa, Oklahoma where I attended and graduated from Booker T. Washington High School. My personal mission is: to assist others in recognizing their true value. Through collaboration help them realize that they can achieve any goal, vision, or  dream by applying my 4-P Success Recipe.

I have a BA in Advertising and Marketing from The University of Oklahoma, an Associates Degree in Hotel Management, and have been a LMT (Licensed Massage Therapist), Business Coach & Consultant, for over 20 years. I’ve always been a true Entrepreneur at heart (I had a side business, even while in Corporate America). Also, every woman in my family has owned a business, I guess you can say it’s in my DNA!

I worked in the advertising industry for an agency in Norman, Oklahoma and a Oklahoma Newspaper right out of college before embarking upon a career in the hotel industry (I wanted to work in the hotel industry when I was a little girl, and definitely after seeing Shari Belafonte on the television show HOTEL). I worked for The Marriott and Omni Hotel Corporations for 8 years, as a sales/marketing manager, before venturing out on my own in 1996 as an entrepreneur and successful business owner. I was also the facilitator and coach on various “Total Quality Action Teams” which focused on employee morale, increasing productivity and efficiency in the work environment, and improving communication between upper management and staff while employed in the hotel industry.

I’m a true believer in people utilizing strengths to accomplish their objectives, instead of focusing on the weaknesses. According to The Strength Finder 2.0 test, my top 5 strengths are: Individualization, Strategic, Achiever, Connectedness, and Learner (I’ve taken the test twice, and with the exception of one change, the results were the same…wow!). By working together, we will discover your top strengths and us them to map out your success roadmap.

I am a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Graduate of Leadership Texas Class of 2012 (now Leadership Women), Women of Wind Energy, Women of Solar Energy, Thriving Coaches, ABMP, and an Advisory Board Member & Mentor for The Dream Angels Organization which is a mentoring organization for girls grades 3-12.

When not working I enjoy spending time with family and friends, organic gardening, music, movies, playing my drums, reading, mentoring young girls, thinking of business concepts (can’t help it, as mentioned earlier, part of my DNA), playing racquetball and just “BEING instead of Doing.” I’ve discovered the joys of napping, even during the work week…makes all the difference in the world.

I hope this gives you a bit of a glimpse into me, and what makes me tick! Thank you for your time, and for stopping by to explore the ways I can support you as your business coach, or consultant. I look forward to building a trusting partnership with you based on mutual respect, and assist your journey to make consistent, persistent, meaningful improvement happen in your life and business!

If you have questions for me please contact me

Until the next time here’s to your Holistic Wealth, Health & Success!

Blessed Regards,

Lisa M. Randolph 
CEO & Founder
"Your Kaizen Coach" Business Coaching and Consulting

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