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Lisa speaks: from the heart, with passion, with humor (sometimes breaking out in song and dance), from experience, and from observations. She is a collaborator, influencer, motivator, and all about positive impact and legacy…. this is reflected in her speaking.


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"Thank you for your dedication to your profession. Also for the time and care of sharing with others that they may also have the opportunity to grow and prosper as you have done so well. You have given me many new avenues to look at and consider and I thank you for that. May God bless you and keep you in everyone’s life."

E.C., LMT, Dallas Texas, USA

"Lisa is an excellent role model of entrepreneurship.
Meeting her has impacted my life for success. "

S.W., Self Employed LMT

"Your class has enlightened me to business prospects and avenues
I never knew were there. Thank you."

C.D., LMT (Dallas, TX)

Following are some of her speaking topics for keynotes, breakout sessions, and podcast/radio interviews:

Adult Events:


  • The KAIZEN “YOU” Formula: 7-steps to a successful business (Kaizen is a Japanese principle meaning “to continuously improve upon” discover how Lisa puts this principle into action for business success)
  • The 4P-Success Recipe (Discover Lisa’s recipe for life and business success and fulfillment)
  • You have a goldmine in your head
  • Playbook From Corporate America to Entrepreneurship (pursuing your passion while working a 9 to 5)
  • The “C-BANG” Theory (an observation formula to success)
  • Failing is Beautiful (as you walk towards your dreams, and goals failure is inevitable, let’s talk about it)
  • Are You Living in Pending Mode?
  • Lean-in with Your Strengths to leave a Legacy
  • Collaborate to IMPACT
  • Creating Your Own Personal SWOT Analysis
  • To Goal or Not To Goal? ”I have the answer!”
  • The Essence of A Great Leader
  • I still like what I do, but I don’t love it…How to rekindle that spark!

Children & Youth Events: 

  • You have a goldmine in your head
  • Failing is Beautiful (as you walk towards your dreams, and goals failure is inevitable, let’s talk about it)
  • You create your future with every decision you make today
  • Goal your way to a successful future
  • You want to see a CEO? Look in the mirror

Perfect Audiences and Venues:

  • Entrepreneur Conferences and Workshops
  • Women in Leadership Conferences and Workshops
  • Students Events (commencements, banquets, awards assemblies)
  • Women’s Groups (church, sorority, professional)
  • Corporate Conferences and Retreats
  • Non-profit Conferences and Retreats
  • Girl Empowerment Events
  • Massage and Other Wellness Professional Conferences and Events


  • Up to 90-minute keynote:
  • Breakout-session or Half-day Training (up to 5 hours):
  • Full-day Training Session (5-8 hours) | Mistress of Ceremony:
  • Youth Events and Non-profits:

* Please complete the online form regarding your needs and we'll schedule an appointment to discuss the details and fees.

Additional Expenses:

  • Airfare: Roundtrip
  • Transportation: To and From the Airport
  • Rental Car: If needed
  • Hotel Accommodations: Including the day before/ and after the event

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