Take Flight Summit Speakers

Adele Foster-Glenn

Adele J. Foster-Glenn is a Transformation Coach with a degree in marketing, certifications in career development, entrepreneurship training as well as over 20 years of experience as a teacher, entrepreneur, consultant, coach, publisher and author of several books.  Adele combines real life experience and strong educational background to developing training, seminars, and coaching tools that cause transformation and realization of inner strength. Adele's book are available on her website

Adina Collins

Adina Collins is the CEO of Fortitude Financial Consulting, which was established in January 2018 in Frisco, TX. Her company provides consultative business advisory services, financial coaching and tax planning solutions to individuals and businesses across the U.S.  In addition, Ms. Collins is the Chief Financial Officer of My Digital Self Career Coaching Agency and the author of “Caught Not Taught, 10 Pearls to Know Before Launching Your 1st Business.”

Adina is native of Shreveport, LA and has lived in Dallas, TX since 2016.  She received both a Master of Business Administration and a Bachelor of Science in Management (Accounting concentration) from Tulane University in New Orleans, LA.  Adina has over 20 years combined experience in accounting, auditing, budgeting and financial analysis in corporate, state government and non-profit sectors.   She’s passionate about entrepreneurship, financial literacy and education.  In July 2020, Adina launched her first podcast, "Black Icons & Innovators," which features business contributions of African Americans to American society past, present and beyond. [Learn More]

Alma Garcia

Alma’s professional background includes management consulting, nonprofit leadership, and healthcare solutions. She retired in 2019 after spending five years as Director of Client Relations for Homewatch Caregivers ... helping families of elderly parents identify healthcare solutions. In her own family, Alma worked together with her 5 siblings to offer their mother, with dementia, the love, comfort, peace and dignity she deserved until her transition last year. Alma is a lifetime volunteer who believes in mentoring, so much so, that she served as a Board Member and Program Coordinator for Bright Light Volunteers helping students in global studies programs in Cuba, Peru, and Costa Rica. Alma recently moved permanently to Costa Rica where she makes her home and begins her second act.

Amy Jones

Amy Jones is a midlife coach, author and international speaker. Everyone has a story to tell. Once we let go of the stories that aren’t true, we feel relieved, empowered, accomplished, unburdened and validated. That’s how she felt once she told her true story of surviving cancer and overcoming emotional trauma and abuse. Amy’s goal is to help people build a life they love waking up every morning feeling anything is possible. Pick up one of Amy’s books: Better for Being Broken or Break Through or visit her website at TheAmyJones.com when you are ready to revive your life or write your story.

Ann Ranson

Ann Ranson works with professional women who want to get more out of life - more meaning, less self-judgement, and more peace of mind. She is a business and marketing strategist for organizations but also works with individuals as a personal and business coach and facilitator of workshops and retreat experiences.She is a Certified Connection Practice Coach and Facilitator; Accredited Advanced Transformation Game Facilitator and Coach. Ann is Founder of By the Grace of Tea, a gourmet tea company; Creation and facilitation of Bottom Line ³ Strategic Planning System; Professional Member of the National Speakers Association and has given two TEDxSMU Talks. You can find Ann at Ann Ranson or Intentions Work

Charlotte Canion

Charlotte Canion is mother, sister, mentor, friend and grandmother. She was born in a small town in Arkansas and grew up in Texas, where everything is bigger than life, including Charlotte. Those who know her view her as a go-to-person, an individual they can turn to whenever there’s a problem that needs solving. Charlotte has faced many challenges, including assisting her own parents through dementia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, while battling and overcoming cancer. “You Have To LAUGH To Keep From CRYING”  is a project that has lingered in her heart for many years. She shares her experiences with the hope that her stories and lessons ease the pain that others endure.She loves gardening and is a certified Master Gardener teaching Raised-bed Gardening & Keyhole Gardening at Senior Facilities. Learn more about  Charlotte at How to Parent Your Parents

Charron Smith

Charron Smith, a proud native of El Reno, Oklahoma who recently relocated to the DFW area, is a passionate educator with over 18 years experience. She is an avid traveler and has visited over 13 different countries, including Abu Dhabi, UAE where she lived and worked as a teacher for 3.5 years. Charron is also a certified personal trainer and hip-hop step X-treme instructor. She currently works at Nicholas Junior High in Arlington ISD. She is the proud mother of 2 grown sons, Kyron and Jalen. Learn more about Charron on her website

Christy Largent

Christy is a Professional Speaker specializing in Employee Engagement and Positivity. She is hired by organizations that want their employees to experience increased morale, improved teamwork and strengthened communication skills. Christy has a B.S. in Communications/Political Science and has extensively studied interpersonal communications & positive psychology. She is the author of the best selling 31 Positive Communication Skills for Women. Her Podcast is Encouraging Words for Working Moms. Christy lives in Flower Mound, Texas with her husband and 2 kiddos where she practices her stand up material while sitting down chauffeuring her children to tennis and lacrosse. Learn more about Christy on her website

Collette Portis

When your Grandparents are entrepreneurs and your parents are entrepreneurs, is it really a surprise when you become a serial entrepreneur? That is what happened to Collette Portis. She has business in her DNA. The drive she inherited has always pushed her to reach for new accomplishments. Earning 6 degrees including a Masters, completing her Doctorate in Transformational Leadership, author of G.O.A.L.I.E., her own business strategy system, radio host, and a contributing writer and influencer for PRiME Women Magazine are only some of the things Collette has accomplished.

As CEO and Founder of RED Development Group, Collette has proven that her entrepreneurial roots run deep. She also founded Collette Portis & Co. and Destined Designs and is a profound speaker. With over 20 years of experience as a master business coach and strategist, she has helped business owners, entrepreneurs, and executives develop their roadmap to business expansion and sustainability. It is her heart's desire to help business owners realize the full potential in their business, gain their freedom, and implement the steps to generational wealth and legacy in their lives. Collette Portis has proven to be an asset to all who have the opportunity to cross her path.

Learn more about Collette on her website

Dawn Shannon

Dawn Shannon has the heart of an entrepreneur. But for years, she was a “hidden entrepreneur”. She allowed negative self-talk and fear to hold her back from pursuing her dreams. After many years in the architecture industry, she realized she had more to give but wasn’t sure what that was until she learned about professional coaching. After more than 300 hours of training, she became a Certified Professional Coach and started her coaching business on the side. When her mother unexpectedly passed away after a short illness, she realized that life is too short to continue to play small and let fear hold her back. She made the brave decision to take a leap of faith leaving her corporate job to pursue her dreams full time. Now, Dawn works with other “hidden entrepreneurs” to create a strategic plan of action that will help them transition into their 2nd Act with ease and confidence. Learn more about Dawn at Jovi Strategies.

Dawnie Dahir

Dawnie Dahir is a Personal Transformational Coach, inspirational speaker and author of two books, "Let Me Give You A Whisper" and "Whispers of Change: Transforming into the Real You".  She is a member of the Covenant Voices Toastmasters Club, the National Speakers Association and eWomenNetwork.  Dawnie has published several articles and is the co-founder of the Divine Master Mind Group. Being passionate about self transformation, she inspires others through her books, articles, workshops and blog.  Dawnie's mission is to equip you with the knowledge that can help you live your life with more love, more peace and more fun.  Learn more about Dawnie on her website

Debbie Mrazek

Debbie Mrazek helps you fill your pipeline with clients who can’t wait to work with you! Her clients include entrepreneurs, privately held companies, foreign governments and Fortune 500 companies. Debbie is a sales guru and author of 13 books about selling, including the best selling, The Field Guide to Sales: The All Weather, All Terrain Guide to Selling.  A highly sought-after motivational speaker that absolutely loves empowering people to sell and achieve more.  She turned her Top 1% sales career into an in-demand sales consulting company, The Sales Company, where she engages sales teams and individuals in creating predictable sales success. Learn more about Debbie and her work at The Sales Company.

Deidra Kindred

Deidra Kindred is a registered Nurse specializing in Cardiovascular Intensive Care, a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant, Owner of Affordable Assisted Living & Services, CPR instructor, Faith Community Nurse and now owner of Your Nurse Advocates. Learn more at Your Nurse Advocates.

Denise Tadsen

Denise has been involved in the healthcare profession for 25 years. Her formal education resulted in degrees in both nursing and psychology. She further holds certifications as a Dementia Specialist Trainer and Senior Counseling/Life Coach. After marrying the man of her dreams she moved to Burleson, Texas where she developed a love of and passion for her community, especially the seniors who reside there. Moreover, Denise is an advocate, educator and resource in her community. She loves Jewish and biblical history; singing and playing the guitar and piano; yoga, hiking and mountain biking. Her aim is to serve in her community in any capacity that improves quality of life. She intends that no senior EVER feel as if they have no choices, resources or no advocate on their behalf. 

Doris Deckard

Doris Gale Deckard is a native Texan and lives in Dallas Texas with her family. She's made her life all about service and has participated in many workshops and seminars, from parenting symposiums to diversity conferences along with speaking engagements and poetry slams. Doris is a Partnered Ally with the University of North Texas Equality and Diversity Programs and has received many awards for her various community outreach programs and volunteer ministries. She has traveled both locally and abroad, ministering and singing for the Lord. She reaches others with genuine fellowship through pastoral care, preaching, and teaching the Gospel Message of Jesus Christ. She is the Founder & Pastor at Church of the Solid Rock, Dallas TX. She is also the COO of D. G. Deckard Ministries, Inc. a 501c3. [LEARN MORE]

Jaclyn Shapiro

Jacklyn started working with credit more than 25 years ago in the automotive industry and since that time she has dedicated thousands of hours to research and helping consumers across the country achieve the credit status they deserve. The process of connecting a client's needs with a tailored solution provides immense satisfaction and this is accomplished through a solid practiced method. Educating and empowering her clients is a passion and she loves the challenges and rewards it presents. Ms. Shapiro has been a guest on many local and national shows/networks. She is a published author and impassioned speaker with the determination to empower everyone around her with knowledge.

Jennifer Bowers

Jennifer Bowers retired last year after 26 years of public service working in both state and federal probation services. Her roles over the years as an officer, supervisor, and deputy chief connected her to persons in the community from all walks of life and allowed her to spend time in their worlds. The insights she gained further fostered her interest in volunteerism.

The Probation Department is not likely considered a “service industry” by most, but those who commit their lives to this job often find themselves serving as teachers, counselors, and mentors to those they supervise. Retirement for Jennifer meant she could marry her interests in the outdoors, gardening, and volunteering via the Texas Master Gardener Program. The Master Gardeners contribute thousands of hours of their time and hundreds of pounds of food to hungry stomachs every year, and Jennifer found her work on these community projects a rewarding means of offsetting the pain 2020 presented for so many in our community.

Jill Allison Bryan

Jill Allison Bryan is a life coach, a master Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach and founder of Creative Oasis Coaching.  For more than a decade, Jill has helped women from around the world reclaim their true sense of self. Her delightfully doable methods guide the people she works with to move past blocks such as procrastination, perfectionism, and overwhelm so they can take inspired action on the projects, passions and pursuits that bring magical moments and meaning into their lives. Learn more at Creative Oasis Coaching.

Jill Phillips

J.M. Phillips is a family storyteller with a passion to inspire families to connect through the telling of their past. She started life on Lamlash Street in London, emigrated to Canada, where she obtained her master’s degree and spent 30 years working as an Occupational Therapist and Hospital Manager. Motivated by her family’s experiences in 1960’s London, Jill shares their stories to celebrate a time of close family connections in difficult life situations and a way of life that is fondly remembered. [LEARN MORE]

Kandice Den

Kandice Den is a Transformational Coach, Speaker, and published Author with over 25 years of coaching and personal development experience.  She passionately believes that when women shine, the whole world benefits. As a Transformational Coach, she works with women who want to explore their authenticity and talent and who want to bring something new into the world.  Her work includes exploring values, changing limiting belief systems into positive ones, examining money patterns, creating blueprints to actualize goals and dreams, and developing systems to deal with the stress associated with these accomplishments.  Her company, Be the Light Coaching, is located in the Dallas area while she assists clients nationwide. Learn more at Be the Light  Coaching.

Kim Schlossberg

Owner, Kim Schlossbert Designs
Since founding her firm in 2002, Kim has helped her clients understand how they want to present themselves, their business, or their nonprofit, and then make sure they are seen exactly that way by their target audience. She does this with the power of design and branding, both online and in the real, physical world. She is active in the community both personally and professionally. You might have met her at Shift/Co (co-founder and DFW Chapter Leadership Team), Conscious Capitalism, Creative Mornings, American Institute of Graphic Artists, Lakewood Area Women in Business, or East Dallas Networking. Learn more on Kim's website

Lauren Midgley

Lauren Midgley, President of LM Consulting Group is a business strategist, bestselling author and professional speaker.   After spending 17 years with a franchise company helping franchise owners grow their profitable business, Lauren began her consulting company.  She helps entrepreneurs get laser focused on what matters most in their business: leadership, vision, strategies to grow profitably. The consistent success factor is how to use time effectively to build skills, develop employees and focus on profits/cash flow.  Lauren has spoken to thousands on Productivity, Leadership and Profitability over the past 7 years. She’s the #1 Amazon Bestselling Author of It’s 6 a.m and I’m Already Behind:  Strategies to Get Caught Up. She’s been mentoring and coaching small business owners for over 25 years. The past four years she's served on the Board of Director for the National Speaker Association – North Texas helping emerging speakers learn the business of speaking. She holds an undergraduate degree in Marketing from Arizona State, an MBA and is a Certified Franchise Executive (CFE). Learn more

Leslie Wilson

My name is Leslie Wilson and I am an Executive Vice President with Five Rings Financial. My role in the business world is two-fold:  to help people safely amass and protect wealth and to provide living benefit life insurance protection. Over the last 30 years, I have been in banking and also in accounting for corporate as well as privately owned companies. Now, I represent several of the leading financial and insurance companies to provide my clients with a lifetime stream of income in retirement, college planning that doesn't detract from financial aid and the provision to avoid financial hardship in the case of illness. I have seen and felt the difference of creating relationships and making a difference in people's actual lives rather than the bottom line of an expense sheet. 


Teaching and encouraging women and setting them up for success is what I love.  Changing our words and thought patterns to attract money and practical application on saving and planning for the future is what I teach. My objective is to give you tools to have at your disposal to win the money game because like it or not, we're all playing it! Let's play to win! [www.ps23solutions.com]   

Linda Ballesteros

As a Certified Franchise Consultant, Linda Ballesteros taps into her 30+ years in the banking industry as well as her coaching background to support and guide her clients through selecting and launching a franchise.  Her unique approach to match clients is achieved by finding the up and coming franchise that is best suited for each client’s individual passion, skills and goals. This allows her to empower those seeking to build a solid financial future and leave a legacy through business ownership. You can also hear Linda’s interview skills on one of the many radio shows she has hosted over the years.  Linda is the author of Your Pot of Gold is a Handshake Away and was a contributing author in the best seller Life Coach where her story, If I Were Brave, appears. Learn More.

Linda Schwader

A two-time author, business and life coach, professional speaker and certified trainer, Linda Schwader teaches entrepreneurs how to grow their business exponentially while living a healthy, vibrant, and exceptional life. In training and coaching over 10,000 people, Linda  discovered the best way to help business leaders and executives who want to reach a higher level of success is to start with how they are taking care of their physical, mental and emotional health. She has uncovered a few simple changes in health and lifestyle that have radically changed her clients’ mindsets and how they live and feel. Learn more

Lisa M. Randolph

Entrepreneur, mentor, business coach, workshop and retreat facilitator, published author and speaker. Lisa Randolph is known for helping her clients “Map Out A Plan” to take their idea or dream from the vision stage, to implementation, to manifestation. She’s fully committed to making sure they are equipped with all tools and strategies to reach their goals, which empowers them to walk in their purpose and impact their community. A true heart-centered visionary, Lisa is CEO and Founder of Kaizen Endeavors Inc., created to fulfill the mission of enhancing the lives of people and the planet through business. One of the companies is “Your Kaizen Coach” a business coaching and consulting firm, which collaborates with entrepreneurs, small corporations and non-profits to launch or grow their business or organization. Her personal mission is “To empower others to recognize their true greatness by coaching them to achieve any goal, vision, or life dream they desire by applying The 4P Success Recipe: Passion to Purpose, Prayer (Faith), Planning, and Perseverance”. [Learn More]

Lori Darley

As founder and CEO of Conscious Leaders LLC, Lori Darley brings nearly two decades of experience as a transformational coach and consultant to the conscious business movement. Lori believes that within the heart of everyone lives a creative genius, and that each of us yearns to connect authentically with one another so we can make a positive difference in the world. She is seasoned in the needs of a full range of decision-makers, and works extensively with C-suite executives in many industries, from multinational corporations to entrepreneurial ventures and individuals in non-profits, manufacturing, financial services, management consulting, commercial real estate and the arts. [Learn More]

Lorie Burch

Lorie owns a Dallas law firm that primarily focuses on estate planning, including wills, trusts, powers of attorney, and probate. She engages in civic and community organizations and advocacy. In 2018, she ran for United States Congress for the 3rd District of Texas. She has served on a number of boards from the Black Tie Dinner Board to the North Texas LGBT Chamber. Lorie was recognized as one of the 2010 Top Ten Business Women for the American Business Women's Association. In 2007, she was awarded the North Texas LGBT Chamber Business Person of the Year.  

Lourdes Ramboa

Lourdes is currently a faculty member and department chair for the Business and Entrepreneurship programs at Tarrant County College. Prior to embarking on her journey in education, Lourdes spent over 25 years providing strategic guidance in the field of human resources, leadership, professional and organizational development to organizations large and small throughout the US.  Prior to starting her own consulting practice, she worked for companies such as: Mars, Inc; Pioneer Electronics and Leggett & Plat as well as being part of the teams that successfully launched two startup companies, Buy.com and Thinkfinance.com. She received her Master of Business Administration degree from Cal Poly University in California, and her undergraduate degree is in Business Administration from Whittier College. [ Learn More]

Margaret Christensen

An Institute for Functional Medicine faculty member for 12 years, Dr. Christensen first became interested in functional medicine 15 years ago when trying to solve the riddle of her and her family’s complex health challenges-- unbeknownst to her at the time were consequences of severe toxic mold exposure.  She became intimately familiar with Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Autoimmune, Hormonal, Neurological and Psychiatric consequences of unrecognized Biotoxin illness. A board-certified OB-GYN for 23 years, her initial boutique Functional Medicine practice has grown into The Carpathia Collaborative, a large multidisciplinary, FM Practice based in Dallas and covering the full spectrum of complex chronic disease. The practice provides 360 degree functional, lifestyle and nutritional medicine and includes an onsite teaching kitchen, yoga studio and education library that also serves as the site for community-learning events. Dr. Christensen is passionate about educating her clients and colleagues about root cause, whole-systems medicine!

Marianne Calvanese

Dr. Marianne is a Naturopathic Physician helping thousands of people over the past 30 years move toward deeper states of wellness -- physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Her practice took her into foundational bodies of work underpinning the human condition including joy and pain, confusion and clarity, and love and fear. As a result, she's developed a unique system of coaching and now teaches it as a newly formed body of work. Her methods are readily learned, simple, yet transformative. Her teachings hold the possibility of accessing inner peace and a life filled with clarity, joy, and connection. Marianne practices at her clinic, Austin Naturopathic. She's a speaker, teacher, radio show host and guest, mother of three and lives in Wimberley, Texas. [Learn More]

Missy Burton

Missy Burton is the Co-Founder of Msanii HOUS Fine Art and an award-winning photographer who creates expressive imagery that consistently explores the effects of social influences on human rights.  Her work is in the permanent collection of the African American Museum of Dallas and multiple private collections across the USA.  She is a native of Tulsa, OK and currently lives and works in Dallas, TX.  Burton is passionate about mentoring emerging artists and currently serves as a mentor for Big Brothers Big Sisters of America.  She is represented by Framed Gallery in Cleveland, OH and Msanii HOUS Fine Art in Dallas, TX.  [LEARN MORE]

Nickquolette Barrett

Nickquolette Barrett aka The "Get Hired" Strategist, is a Career Coach, two time author, and dynamic speaker. She specializes in résumé writing, interview prep, career development, and LinkedIn branding. She holds four career industry certifications: CPRW, CCTC, CEIP, and NCOPE. She authored two books, You're Hired, Vol 1 & Vol 2. And, she won the 2020 Honorable Mention award for her iRockS.T.A.R. Interview Prep Method from Career Directors International. Nickquolette has worked in corporate America since 1994. Due to her ability to lead and coach others, she received her first promotion to leadership in 1999. As a corporate leader, she coaches career professionals on how to make the most of their careers. This coaching includes:


how to present your best self on paper and in person
how to get selected for non-publicized opportunities, and
how to create a satisfying and rewarding career
how to ask for the salary you deserve


Nickquolette's mission is to take you from job applicant to job candidate. And, she works to change your mindset from employee to CEO of your career. Her motto is “Land the Job of Your Dreams and Create a Career That Rocks”.

Nickquolette works with clients in all disciplines at various stages of their career. Testimonials from happy and satisfied clients keep her referral pipeline full.


If you are ready to land the job of your dreams and create a career that rocks, Nickquolette is ready to help. For more information on her services, go to irockresumes.com. Also, connect with her on social media @irockresumes, and on LinkedIn @Nickquolette Barrett.

Njideka Olatunde

Dr. Njideka N. Olatunde, the visionary and creative energy behind Focus On Healing Wellness Institute, is an accomplished Naturopath and a leading authority on the cultural integration of non-traditional health care with conventional medicine for mind, body and emotional wellness. She’s an author, acclaimed speaker, Master Reflexologist, Pain Relief Educator, Medication/Addiction-Free Advocate, Media Personality, and Holistic Healthcare Business consultant who has helped thousands of women make healthy stress-free lifestyle changes in their personal and professional lives. On the fun side, she enjoys living life to its fullest remembering to let the little girl inside come out and play. [Learn More]

Pamela Benson Owens

Only two years after graduating from Texas A&M University and earning a Masters Degree at St. Edwards University, Pamela Benson Owens stepped out on faith, quit her “real” job and started her own consulting firm. Edge of Your Seat Consulting is a unique firm dedicated to assisting for profit, non-profit and faith-based entities.  The firm focuses on providing support to manage perceptions and narratives around complex and challenging issues. Pam partners with organizations from the inside out in order to streamline the needs, create infrastructure, coach teams, shift organizational cultures and most important - help leaders become more effective. Pam leverages humor and honest storytelling to create memorable and applicable strategies for sustainable change. [Learn More]

Pari Smart

Do you wake up every morning energized and ready to bring your best self to the world?  Pari Smart’s mission is to help women identify and use their natural talents so they are more engaged, more satisfied, and leave strong legacies for their friends, their family, and their world.  Pari has been a corporate trainer for over 20 years and lives her passion every day as a Certified Gallup Strengths Coach & Workshop Facilitator. She has worked with thousands of individuals across the country helping them to be their best selves. In her free time Pari loves to hike and is finishing up her fourth book. Two fun facts about Pari- she is a travel adventure junkie and when it comes to food- the spicier the better. [Learn More]

Pat Alva-Kraker

Pat Alva-Kraker is an award-winning serial entrepreneur with businesses in business consulting, real estate private lending, ranching and Ibuumerang. Pat has combined 35 years as a Project Engineer with companies such as IBM and Lockheed Martin, 20 years in real estate and certifications in Reiki and Polarity therapy into a unique business consulting practice.

Pat works with women entrepreneurs who want clarity on growing their business consciously with ease and grace. She speaks on the topics of your ultimate morning routine and self-care.

Pat is the author of the forthcoming book Katherine’s Quest: One Woman Journey to Elation, which will be released this fall.

She says, "I’m excited about Take Flight Mini Summit because this event will impact a lot of women and move them forward in their lives." [Learn More]

Ramona Zini Locke

Ramona started with Merrill Lynch in 1980, moving to Dallas with her marriage in 1985. She has attained the Certified Investment Management Analyst® designation sponsored by IMCA® at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business and the Certified 401(k) Professional designation sponsored by The Retirement University, Inc. through the Anderson School at UCLA. Ramona is a qualified Portfolio Manager who, in addition to providing traditional advice and guidance, can help clients pursue their objectives by building and managing her own personalized or defined strategies, Her team of all females ranges from ages 26 to 66 and she is excited that her daughter has recently joined her at Locke & Associates. She earned a B.S. and a M.S. from the University of Pennsylvania and taught college chemistry prior to joining Merrill Lynch. Ramona was named to Financial Times 401 Retirement Plan Advisors list in 2016, 2017 and 2018. [Learn More]

Rochelle Weitzner

Pause™ founder Rochelle Weitzner is a seasoned C-suite executive and beauty industry veteran. Prior to launching Pause, Rochelle was Chief Executive Officer of Erno Laszlo, directing a major reboot of the 90-year old luxury skincare brand by modernizing its product range and expanding its market, successfully positioning the company for private equity sale in August 2016. As Chief Financial Officer of Gurwitch Products, the global skincare enterprise best known for its Laura Mercier and RéVive skincare brands, Rochelle drove a multi-department reorganization that helped quadruple revenues, improve free cash flow and catalyze record earnings. Before joining the beauty industry, Rochelle spent 19 years with International Paper, holding various senior VP of Finance roles for $1+ billion businesses within the groupRochelle graduated from Tulane University’s Freeman School of Business with a BSM in business and a dual major in finance and accounting. She earned her MBA from Vanderbilt University’s Owen School of Business. A native of Ohio, Rochelle currently lives in New York City. [Learn More]

Rose Colarossi

Rose Colarossi is Your Quick Results Coach.  She helps entrepreneurs quickly scale their businesses and net worth by sharing the tools and techniques she utilizes like networking and clearing limiting beliefs. She tripled her business and net worth in excess of $3 million dollars all during one of the worst economic times in our country’s history.  She works with you conveniently over Zoom so there is no hassle with travel. She is a multi-business owner/entrepreneur, inspirational speaker, author and former radio show host. Her new book, Networking Like A Millionaire is due out this fall and she hosts Networking Like A Millionaire Academy, a Private Facebook Group for Entrepreneurs serious about growing their business by building relationships. [Learn More] 

Ruby Shoals

Ruby is a Financial Professional,Ruby is a Financial Professional, insurance agent & entrepreneur. She is a Certified Long Term Care Specialist. Her portfolio of services  empowers families & business owners. Her mission is to empower people to live well, build wealth and leave a legacy. Ruby’s portfolio includes:  Living Benefits Life, Long Term Care, Final Expense, Whole Life and Medicare Supplements. [Learn More] 

Shelley Thomas

Shelley B. Thomas, JD, NBC-HWC is a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach with certifications and advanced training in Functional Medicine, Mind Body Medicine, Autoimmune Disease, Ayurveda and Medical Cannabis. Shelley is the Founder of My Healthcare Partner, LLC, a Lifestyle Medicine Coaching organization and a contributing author to books on Holistic Healing and The Art of Surrender, due to be released in late 2020.

Shelley is a retired Pharmaceutical Executive from Merck & Co., Inc. where she consulted Healthcare Providers on treatment protocols and disease management strategies for various illnesses including Type 2 Diabetes, hypertension, asthma, arthritis, and pain management. In that capacity she partnered with healthcare systems to implement group diabetes education platforms, introduce population health management systems, health literacy initiatives, medication adherence strategies and collaborate on treatment protocols and practice guidelines for clinical proficiency.

Shelley resides in Tulsa, OK with her son Nicholas where she’s active in various community organizations, attends church at The Center of Light, collects art and enjoys traveling. [Learn More] 

Sherry Prindle

Sherry Prindle has delivered more than 4,000 presentations in three languages. Her behavioral approach allows participants to get at the root of issues and find permanent fixes. She founded the Professional Coach Academy where she has trained, certified, and has been instrumental in launching the careers of over 1,200 professional speakers and coaches. She organizes and hosts the biannual Star Marketing Summit and is conversationally fluent in Japanese and Russian, having lived in both countries. She enjoys traveling, camping, singing, trail running, and team trivia competitions. [Learn More] 

Tracy Gibbs

Tracy has a 30 + year background in the healthcare industry and worked at one of the nation’s highest-ranking insurance companies for over 26 years until she was led to start a family-owned business in the North Tulsa community (Gibbs Next Generation), where her focus is economic stability and growth.  

She’s an entrepreneur, recently launching a high-quality natural hair wig and weave business called Beautiful You.  The business was born out of her own experiences with menopausal weight gain and hair loss. Tracy lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma with her husband and four children. She has been a real estate investor for 20 years and is a public speaker. Tracy enjoys outreach, reading, relaxing spas and nature walks.

Tresa Todd Lugten

Tresa knows exactly what it takes both mentally and financially to make a leap of faith. She was mentored by 3 of the highest producing real estate investors in Dallas -- her very own sons. Being the action taker that she is, she walked away from her 25 year career in the medical industry to become a full time real estate investor. In only two short years she became one of the top female investors and mentors in the industry. Her excitement to help other women transform their lives is what inspired her to launch the Women's Real Estate Investors Network  in Dallas Texas. Though her life has changed significantly over the last couple of years her passions have not. In addition to hosting the Dallas Women’s Real Estate Investors Network, Tresa is also an energetic and passionate inspirational speaker and certified life coach. [Learn More] 


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