Take Flight Summit Workshop Descriptions

Fitness Inside and Out

What does being fit look like after 45? It can be beautiful! There are ways for us in our mid-40’s and beyond to remain or get fit. Come learn how to create a practical and holistic wellness plan for yourself! One that will energize you inside and out. Learn about: creating healthy and nutritious meal plans that are easy to implement; Integrating workout and resistance training for muscle, joint and bone health; How to get better sleep for a healthy brain and positive emotional health. This is just what you need to live your best life yet!

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Charron Smith Linda Schwader

Holistic Health and Mind-Body Medicine

Stress has been identified as the number one link to six of the leading causes of death in America. So what is stressing you? What’s concerning you? What can you do about it? This session will help you understand your stress and the unaddressed concerns beneath it, so you can generate actions to lessen its effects. Learn about the connection between the mind and the body as it relates to stress. Also learn various methods on how to holistically deal with the stress monsters in your life.

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Marianne Calvanese Shelley Thomas

Women in Money

Women think differently than men about a lot of things but especially money. We typically want the peace of mind and security that comes with a nest egg yet often we live in more fear of lack. Tackle the subconscious thoughts that can sabotage your financial future and learn how set the foundation of your financial portfolio to serve you whether you suffer a major illness, die too soon or live a long full life!

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Leslie Wilson

Writing Your Own Story

Do you have a story to tell? Did you know that telling your story can be healing? Are you ready to get your story out of your head and into the world where it can do good for you and potentially for others? In this interactive workshop you will learn the components of a good story, how to connect with your audience and the benefits you receive when you tell the story that has helped shape who you are. Plus, you will enjoy meeting new friends who are on the same path and who are ready to tell their story. Remember, you are not alone!

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Dawnie Dahir

Dealing with Caregiver Burnout

Stories, we all have them. And in our stories are the seeds for our own learning and communications. Come learn ways to better engage with your aging parent and how to deal with the many stressful situations that arise. You’ll gain new knowledge and resources on how to listen and talk with your aging parent while reducing stress levels in them and yourself. Lastly, you’ll learn communication techniques to help you with an aging parent, especially when affected by dementia or Alzheimers.

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Deidra Kindred Charlotte Canion

Dancing Naked: Claiming Your Power as a Conscious Leader

Lori shows you how she opened channels for new possibilities through seemingly insurmountable blocks in her own life, to arrive at the set of practices she works with today. From staring down the barrel of a rifle at Checkpoint Charlie to launching and leading a dance company, to becoming a key figure in the Dallas arts scene. She's spent the last 15 years coaching leaders, honing the techniques that take you straight to the heart of any opportunity. Building on her transformation from internationally- recognized dancer to executive leadership coach, and armed with her characteristic humor and wit, Lori's talk invites you onto the road towards your most brilliant self.

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Lori Darley

Overcoming the Challenges of an Entrepreneur

Choosing to become an entrepreneur is not for the faint at heart! It requires a growth-mindset that can empower you to keep going, especially during the difficult times. It requires knowing how to overcome overwhelm so that you can remain productive and not burnout. It definitely requires some accountability to make sure you keep moving forward with your business goals and vision. In this session you’ll gain knowledge and practical strategies to deal with each of these challenges like the Bad-ass entrepreneur and CEO you know you are capable of being!

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Sherry Prindle Dawn Shannon Lourdes Ramboa

Finding Meaning Everyday

As women, we often let our own dreams and desires slip to the bottom of our to-do list as we tend to work, home and community responsibilities. In this enlightening presentation, master creative life coach, Jill Allison Bryan sheds light on the positive ripple effects of giving yourself permission to explore creative projects, passions and pursuits that energize and delight you. You’ll also take away a simple, yet powerful technique that will help you reclaim your unique sense of identity and weave joy and satisfaction into your busy life one delightfully doable step at a time.

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Jill Allison Bryan

Embracing the Gifts and Challenges of Menopause

Menopause can be frustrating with night sweats, hot flashes, weight gain, brain fog, hormonal and skin changes. But there are some liberating aspects to this phase of life as well. It’s not all bad. There are many things you can do to help navigate your way through this stressful and oftentimes embarrassing phase of life. This session is focused on frank talk about menopause and ways you can make peace with it and flow through it. Rather than turning to pharmaceuticals, come learn about the many ways you can regain your peace of mind, wellness, and health through the use of naturopathic techniques and practices.

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Dr. Margaret Christensen Njideka Olatunde

Build Your Wealth Wheel with Real Estate Investing and the Stock Market

How confident are you when it comes to generating wealth and investing for your future? This session encourages women to create multiple streams of wealth, especially during their midlife years and beyond. Many women are comfortable with creating income to take care of the day-to-day obligations of paying the bills. However, data shows that women are not as confident or comfortable with investing and building wealth. Many have said the one thing they regret as they’ve aged is not learning about investing. Some women might have a spouse in their life to take care of the investments and savings, but what happens if their spouse dies or a divorce occurs? Come learn how to take your finances into your own hands and build your wealth wheel starting with investing in real estate and stock market.

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Tresa Todd Lugten Ramona Zini Locke

Skincare for Us - Women 40+

Menopause and estrogen deficiency results in physiological skin changes.  In this workshop you will learn about these key changes and what you can do to maintain healthy, radiant, hydrated skin from the outside in as well as inside out.  We will also touch a bit on entrepreneurship, career changes (I’ve had 3 major careers so far), what it takes to launch a skincare company and also talk about tackling a still taboo subject: Menopause in today’s day and age. 

Rochelle Weitzner

The Art of Building Boundaries and Effective Communication

What’s your communication style? How do the people in your life know they matter to you? On the other hand, how often do you overextend yourself , people please, try to be everything to everyone in your life? Sometimes these are natural behaviors for a lot of women, is this you? Is there a way for you to let the people in your life know how much they mean, while creating healthy and honoring boundaries at the same time?  Come learn specific language and strategies to build enduring relationship boundaries and life-giving relationships.

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Pamela Benson Owens Lauren Midgley

Selling is Serving

What kind of impact could you have if you served your clients with your talents versus selling to them?  In this session, you'll discover how selling is serving, how to create a compelling 30 second elevator speech, three techniques on how to use a call to action in your marketing efforts and ideas for your opt-in freebie.

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Pat Alva-Kraker Lisa M. Randolph

Choosing Your Entrepreneurial Path and Growing Your Business

If you are new to entrepreneurship or exploring the possibility of stepping into the entrepreneur space, this is for you. There are a couple of paths you can take. One is creating your dream business from scratch...the “start-up’ and  the other is opening a franchise where part of the business is already structured for you. If you decide on a franchise, which one is right for you? No matter which path you decide to take, entrepreneurship can be daunting. This is why it’s important to really know your strengths and  identify your superpower. It’s also important to learn how to build your business through referrals. You will walk away with more clarity around the type of business you want, how to grow it with referrals and how to utilize your strengths and superpower to make it happen.

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Pari Smart Linda Ballesteros Debbie Mrazek

Creating an Opportunity Mindset

This workshop is for you if you are ready to stop the negativity and embrace all the goodness ahead of you! At this dynamic time of life, you will be empowered to move your life forward with confidence and clarity using Christy's positivity principles. You will learn how to reframe perceived negatives and turn them into positive momentum. In our world of increasing negativity, this workshop will help you create a plan for opportunity and positivity, enabling you to experience your full potential as you live out the life of your dreams.

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Christy Largent

Breaking Out and Living Authentically

So many women live scattered lives trying to do everything for everyone and to be all things to all people.  But once we hit our mid 40’s and beyond, we start to crave a more authentic life. And part of that authenticity is identifying our core values and building a life around those.  In this workshop, you’ll uncover your own core values and consider how to use them as your Guiding Star while also discovering negative belief systems and how they can sabotage your life. You’ll walk away with solutions to overcome barriers and become a whole and healthy person from the inside out.

Kandice Den Adele Foster-Glenn

The Things We Don't Want to Talk About But Need To

Debt, Insurance & Medicare, Estate Planning, Wills & POAs

This is one of the most important sessions offered at Take Flight Summit. While not our favorite things to talk about, they’re some of the most vital topics we need to address, especially as we age. Whether you’re preparing a will, establishing powers of attorney, selecting various insurance and medicare plans or dealing with debt, this workshop covers many things that can give you peace of mind. You’ll walk away feeling empowered and knowing that you are equipped with information to holistically take care of yourself, your family and estate.

Ruby Shoals Lorie Birch Jacklyn Shapiro

Capture Your Life Story

Every day you are creating the legacy that you will leave when you are gone. The question is - what is the legacy you are creating and is it the one you want. To insure it is, you have to be intentional, exploring and decide your most powerful values and how you will leave them as part of your ethical will. When you are purposeful about your legacy, you can leave earth with few regrets and more peace knowing you have given those you leave behind a powerful gift.

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Ann Ranson

The Heart of the Matter: Successful Dating from Midlife and Beyond

Dating can be challenging at any age however after divorce, death of a spouse, health issues and other situations, it can be even more so. Figuring out what we want, need, have-to-have, and deal-breakers in a partner and a relationship can be full-time job. Roles have changed and so has dating. Learn how to overcome dating challenges, identify true wants and needs. Relearn how to date in a modern world to receive the love, connection and inspiration you desire.

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Amy Jones

Career Mindset Shift: Become the CEO of Your Career and Thrive

When you have an employee mindset, you are a worker bee. Worker bees don’t advance in their career and neither do they reach their full earning potential. Shifting your mindset from employee to CEO positions you to run your career like a business. In this workshop, I will share MUST DOs to make that shift and thrive.

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Nickquolette Barrett

Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship

If you are an entrepreneur this session is a wealth of nuggets for you! You’ll learn effective tools to put systems and processes in place to help build a sustainable business; how to establish networks and nurture relationships that can make all the difference in growing your business; and the importance of branding yourself to stand-out in the eyes of your clients and prospects.

Collette Portis Rose Colarossi Kim Schlossberg

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