If Not now, then when?

"It’s Your Time to “Map It Out”

How many times have you said..”this year is my year to make my business and life better?” Is this really your year? What will you do different this time as opposed to the past? Will the same decisions bring you the desired results you want, probably not. It’s time to invest in a partner, in someone to propel you into your dreams. If not now, when? The perfect time will never present itself, you have to create it and it’s much easier to do with a coach. That’s where I come in!

Two Special Offers for you

Up to 82% off regular investment price

$8,400  RIGHT NOW  $1,512*

Offer Expires: January 31, 2020

12-Months Unlimited Golden Nugget 
Coaching Calls

Up to 50% off regular investment price

$8,500 RIGHT NOW  $4,250*

Offer Expires: January 31, 2020

3-Months Exclusive
VIP Coaching

(*In-person or Virtual)

These 20-minute sessions are for input, advice or brainstorming, anytime* you need them. All “Golden Nugget” sessions are conducted by phone or video conference. 

ADDED VALUE: Four 30-minute "State of My Vision" coaching sessions every 90 days.

*sessions must be scheduled and all previous homework must be completed before scheduling again.

Payment Options:
Pay In Full: $1,512

ADDED BONUS: Pay in full and receive an additional One Hour Coaching Session!
(12) Monthly Payments of: $150
First payment due today, with additional payments due every 30 days.

A day or two all about you and your business! We roll up our sleeves and work together on YOUR plan for a full 8 hours, whether it's one day or two concurrent half days - it's all about you!

We look at everything in your business focusing in on 1-2 major objectives that you want to accomplish. We set goals, action-steps, and strategies so you can meet your business objectives. You'll also engage in discovery through written exercises.

ADDED VALUE: As your coach I'll review all organization processes, policies and marketing you already have in place. Further, I'll review any other agreed upon documents prior to our time together and come prepared with input and recommendations. 
ADDED VALUE: The VIP Day will also include a comprehensive report of everything we discuss, and create during our time together.
ADDED VALUE: You will also have a 90-day action plan to implement.
ADDED VALUE: You will also have email access for questions during the 3-month period. 
ADDED VALUE: One hour Coaching Sessions (within first 90-days). This is a “State of Your Vision” session to see how your plan is progressing after your VIP day. Up to this point you should already be working on the plan designed during the VIP day. We meet via phone or video conferencing for updates, and follow-up. 
*In-Person VIP Coaching is available for those in or willing to travel to the Dallas MetroPlex.
I can travel to your location for an additional cost. 
Payment Options: 
Pay In Full: $4,250
ADDITIONAL BONUS: Pay in full and receive two 20-minute “Golden Nugget” Sessions plus a one hour session!
(3) Monthly Payments of: $1,628
First payment due today, with additional payments due every 30 days.


Golden Nugget Pay-In-Full Option
VIP Pay-In-Full Option
Monthly Golden Nugget Payment Option
Monthly VIP Payment Option
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